Air Freight

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Air delivery of freight from customers' warehouse to the destination airport, as well as door to door delivery

> High delivery density to the selected places
> Long distances in short time
> Wide range of delivered materials and volumes
> Combination with other delivery types
> Reliable timetables

Land Transport

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International ground delivery of freight to wide range of destinations

> Individual delivery of customers' goods
> Joint fright delivery
> Hazard materials (ADR) delivery and delivery of expensive goods
> Combined delivery for several customers
> Extra insurance for individual needs

Sea Transport

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Major part of worldwide transportation is done using sea delivery

> Widest variety of delivered goods
> Low prices combined with stability
> Continuous logistics process
> Decreasing overall transportation prices
> Highly efficient for big volumes deliveries


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New and handy possibilities of warehouse usage as well as distributing facilities

> Storage of goods at commercial and customs warehouses
> Loading procedures
> Packaging, sorting, measuring
> Special needs marking and wrapping
> Marking materials ready for the transportation